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Lil’ Readers has the best read along children's books for iPhone and iPad!

with vibrant images designed for high resolution displays found on your iPhones and iPads.

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iPad and iPhone

Lil’ Readers is built for iPhone and iPad.  Our books take advantage of everything your amazing device has to offer!

Buy once, View all

Buy a book on your iPad, if you’re stuck on the road you can read it on your iPhone.  Just hit that restore button!

Free/Paid Books

Our catalog contains free and paid books available for instant download in our app.   All of our books are animated and interactive read along kids stories.

Read Along

When you opt to have the books read to you, the text that is being read is highlighted to make it easier to read along.

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What People are Saying

Well thought out stories that can be read over and over again!
Kim F, Stay At Home Mom
Lil’Readers makes short work of the significant barriers to entry when creating your first children’s book.
Oscar H, Teacher / Author
Lil’ Readers is in a class of its own with amazing design to keep kids entertained for hours!
Kristin R, Student / Illustrator